Magic shows going Virtual?

Although much has changed in our world since the “invisible enemy” has entered, this doesnt mean birthday parties and events are not happening…..

All of the entertainers and entertainment companies that we have either contracted with, bought supplies from, or have had some influence with are either closed or out of work until further notice. A well known leader in our area in the magic business since 1966, has had to shut their doors. Although our lives have greatly been impacted, there are some things that we are working on to help keep the sanity at home and have fun:

Virtual Classes

  • We will be teaching kids how to do magic tricks, balloons, and other cool stuff at home with props around the house or items that can be purchased from us.
  • Using the current technology like, YouTube, Face Book Live, or some other platform.
  • After purchase is made through our e-commerce site through Paypal or, a purchase link for the video instruction for tuning in would be sent.
  • An appointment time set up and specific time frame agreed on.
  • The date of the event, everyone gathers around their screen or screens, tune in, and the workshop begins.

Live Pay Per View Show 

  • An appointment time set up with a family, group, or event coordinator
  • A specific show length
  • This again would be coordinated through Zoom or other platform
  • After purchase is made for the show through Paypal or, a purchase link for the video instruction for tuning in would be sent.
  • Promotion would be made through our social media outlets, website, blog, etc..
  • This would only be a visible to viewer to watch, not a participating type of event
  • A childs name or specific names could be used to add the feeling of the show being tailored to them

Virtual Birthday Party

  • As close to a real birthday party show as you can get online
  • Everyone would have their screens open and be able to interact with the kids
  • This would work very similiar as the Live Pay Per View Show

For more information, you can click on the links below.

Give your child a special Magic Kit for their birthday….


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