Magic, where do i start?

After doing magic and entertainment for almost 20 years, our culture has changed, but not the need for entertainment.

I had a hunger to learn from an early age of about 10 years old after seeing David Copperfield perform on TV. It wasn’t until in my late 20’s that I began to pursue that hunger of learning.

Today there are a host of resources for someone to learn magic from, both physical stores and online. However, online learning is becoming much more popular. Looking back at that 10 year old child, what would advice would I have for him:

  • What would I say to that 10 year old kid that I was?
  • With a life ahead of him full of passion and hunger to learn, where would I direct his steps?
  • What would be the shortest path to get him where his desire and passion were leading him?
  • What material would I direct him to?

I remember my beginning. I saw David Copperfield, at that time a celebrity in the industry, performing on TV. As a little 10 year old, I was captivated, mesmerized, awestricken, and I was bitten by the magic bug! I wasnt given a magic set for Christmas or birthday like many of the stories I hear about. But years later..

No, but I did meet someone. Actually, when I was at a place and ready to begin learning, I met several someones. These early relationships began to point me down a path. I began researching and found a magic shop in my area and visited.

And, you guessed it. I walked out with STUFF. In fact, during the first several years of my early growth in the the art form, my shelves began to fill with MAGIC STUFF. Some STUFF I have used, some I haven’t.

After many years, now I have an opportunity to share my journey with some others. My hope is that I can point the young, passionate, and hungry magic seekers in the right direction.

Where would I start?

  • Start small. Its ok to buy a couple of things that you or your child think are cool. I would suggest starting with something that I didn’t get as a child, but I wish I had…..a magic kit!

Here is a link to our website where you can purchase one to get started:

  • Become a learner. Learning who you will be as a performer, who you will perform for, what type of shows you will do, and how to operate a business (should you desire that path) are all important.

Here is a link to a great start on your journey of learning with the complete Tarbell Course in Magic:

  • Hire A Magician. The best way to spark that fire in your child is to actually hire a professional that makes his or her living that way.

To find out about hiring a professional magician in your area, check out our website at:

  • Finally, look for a mentor. In the same way that I learned from others that started me on a journey, I suggest the same for you. We would love for you to “Like” this and connect with us to help you grow!

Hopefully this begins to stir the kindling of the fire of magical pursuits for you.


Randy Crain

Published by Virtual Event Entertainment

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