“Filled Magical Party Favors” for Virtual Shows…

Party favors are a standard in our culture. In fact, as a professional magician, 75% of the birthday parties that I have performed at, have had some type of party favor. Handing out party favors allows guests to take a bit of the magic home! This party favor box comes “FILLED” and designed to look like something right out of a magician’s trunk of tricks.

SO, why buy from US?

You Get It Already Filled With Magic……

We all know that shopping for things to supply at a party or event take time and effort, so let us do the work for you:


  • Book a Virtual Show and a special “Magic Kit” sent to your home AND you can order some special “Magic Party Favor Boxes”.


  • Perfect for a restaurant looking to give the kiddos something to do tableside or take home. Here is a quick promo video of a recent Virtual Show for a restaurant:
  • Perfect to give your guests who come to help celebrate your child’s birthday

  • Perfect for schools, daycares, clubs, or other places where you want to have give aways.

For Details AND To See Whats Inside Click Here:


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