Steps to help your child learn Magic…

I wont forget the first time I saw “David Copperfield” (a world famous magician / illusionist) on TV. As a young boy, I could not believe my eyes. He did many things that just left me amazed. That television show sparked my interest and pursuit for many years to come.

Typically, the interest and pursuit start with:

  • A Magic Kit for a birthday, Christmas gift, or otherwise
  • Often a magic show is seen
  • Possibly a neighbor, friend, or family member does some simple tricks
  • Maybe it was a magic store you walked in and bought a magic trick
  • Online possibilities are endless today for seeing magic performed

Some suggestions that I would have:

  1. Start with a Magic Kit. For about $50 including shipping, you can begin your child with some simple props and some instructions. There may be some online instructions available. This is a great start. You can find one such magic kit on our website here:

2. Book a Professional Magician. There are virtual options today for birthday parties as well as having a performer come to your home or other location. You can book a Virtual Party here:

3. Online learning and resources. We have lots of products on our store as well as digital downloads for purchase. Although there are tons of resources available, the basics are recommended. I believe its possible to learn from videos much of the skill set, its always a huge benefit to have a mentor to guide you and help you see ways to improve. Starting with simple sleight of hand tricks with sponge balls, card tricks, rubber bands, things around the house. We have over 2,500 products and services available for you to begin learning. These range from as little as $1. Here is a great tool that encompasses many facets of learning:

4. Start with some magic lessons. Spend some time learning from professionals in the field that have many years of experience. Look at their websites, their testimonies, are they kid friendly, how long have they been performing, what is their availability for going lessons. We are providing virtual magic lessons for kids or anyone wanting to learn how to grow their magic skills. For as little as $75 for 5 days (including a magic kit), your child can begin learning. Click here for more details:

5. Practice, Practice, Practice. Its going to take some discipline and goal setting. Remember that failure is a part of growing and getting better. I suggest practicing in front of a mirror because the mirror will show not only your mistakes, but what the audience sees. This is important to help you improve and get better.

6. Along the way. There are so many choices, paths, and opportunities to learn new things, experiment, and hone skills. These suggestions are meant to just open the door for continued learning.

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Hope this helps!

Randy Crain

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